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Carers Card

The Carer Friendly ID Card is provided by Forward Carers and is available for FREE to unpaid Carers who register with our FREE carers information service. The card is also available for existing registered Carers who need to renew an expired carers card. 

The card can be used as a simple way of proving you are a carer when you are out and about, to provide In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact details and to access deals and discounts from on services or goods at businesses displaying the carers card symbol. 

In order to access your FREE carers card, you need to register with the Carers Information Service. You can join by completing a quick online form: 

Or sign up by telephone by calling:

  • Caring for someone in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole, please contact CRISP on 01202 128787
  • If you are caring for someone in Dorset, please contact Carer Support Dorset on 0800 368 8349

Once registered, we will send you a welcome pack with everything you need to apply for your Carer Friendly ID card. Once you have received this welcome pack, you will need to apply online for the card. Please note, this is a photo ID card, and you will need to upload a head and shoulder image of yourself.

If you have difficulty in completing the form online, we suggest: 

What discounts are available? 

To find out what discounts you can get please visit the Carers Card website where you can find an up to date list of businesses who are offering discounts on services or goods. If you require a print out of the businesses, please get in touch

If you hold a CRISP / Dorset carers card: 

Carers holding a CRISP / Dorset Carers Card will not need to request a new card, as they will remain valid until they expire. The expiration date is stated on the back of the card. If your card has expired, please get in touch to request a new one.

If you have a card, but it has expired: 

If you are already registered with us, and your Carers Card has expired, please follow this link to fill out the online application form to receive your new Carer Friendly ID card. If you need any help, or a reminder of what your unique Carer ID number is, please get in touch. 

  • Caring for someone in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole, please contact CRISP on 01202 128787 or email
  • If you are caring for someone in Dorset, please contact Carer Support Dorset on 0800 368 8349
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