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Information for GP Carers Leads

Who is a carer? 

A carer is a person who voluntarily cares, unpaid, for someone who cannot manage without their support due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction.

Dorset has 83,000 people providing unpaid care estimated from the 2011 Census, this is around 11% of our population. Carers often do not recognise themselves as carers and therefore may fail to seek support. Early information and support are key to preventing carer break down. Staff working in a primary care setting are in an ideal position to offer this. The earlier a carer is identified and supported, the more likely crisis situations can be prevented, for carers and the people they care for. 

If you are working with a carer whom you feel would benefit from information, advice or guidance, you can refer to us by filling out our secure online form. Online referral form (1)

Downloadable resources for GP practices in supporting carers

To support GP practices to develop and streamline the work they do to support carers, we have a range of support and promotion materials, which practices are welcome to use. Click here to access the information literature available. 

We can also provide you with Carers Packs, for you to hand to carers withn the surgery.

Get in touch

If you need any other information, or have an queries, please do get in touch.

The Carers Support Service also has an outreach worker, Fran, who is more than happy to come and talk to you about carers support, and how we can better support them together.

Phone: 01202 128787 

If there is any other information you think would be helpful to have available to you online, please get in touch and let us know. 
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